Can I have coffee with tramadol?

Can I have coffee with tramadol?

Can I have coffee with tramadol?

No interactions were found between caffeine and tramadol.

Does caffeine make tramadol work better?

Synergism analysis resulted in synergistic effect in ten combinations and antagonism in two combinations. In conclusion, the synergism observed in the majority of tramadol and caffeine combinations used in this study suggests that this drug combination is useful in the treatment of pain.

Can you drink orange juice while taking tramadol?

Orange juice is not expected to interact.

Can tramadol suppress appetite?

Some adverse effects associated with tramadol use include: Nausea. Drowsiness. Loss of appetite.

Is it safe to mix tramadol with other drugs?

  • “No. There is no safe amount of tramadol that can be mixed with other substances. ” Tramadol should only be combined with other drugs under the supervision of a doctor. Those instructions should be followed carefully to prevent adverse outcomes. What are the Other Risks of Mixing Tramadol?

What happens if you drink alcohol while taking tramadol?

  • Signs and symptoms of an accidental tramadol overdose include: slow or stopped breathing, a slow heart rate, and blue or pale skin, lip or nails. Drinking alcohol while taking tramadol can also impair your motor coordination and thinking. This can lead to falls and other serious injuries.

Are there any cases of SS associated with tramadol?

  • Results: Nine articles were identified describing 10 cases of suspected SS associated with therapeutic doses of tramadol combined with an antidepressant. Mechanisms of the drug-drug interactions involve pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, and possible pharmacogenetic factors.

Is it safe to take tramadol with MAOIs?

  • Tramadol is only contraindicated in combination with MAOIs but not other antidepressan … Review of the available case reports of tramadol combined with antidepressant drugs in therapeutic doses indicates caution in regard to the potential for SS but does not constitute a contraindication to their use.

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