What powers does infamous second son have?

What powers does infamous second son have?

What powers does infamous second son have?

There is a total of four powers to unlock in InFAMOUS: Second Son; Smoke, Neon, Video and Concrete. Each of these powers comes with a standard projectile ability and we suggest levelling up your projectiles for each power as soon as you get them.

Can you control the weather in infamous second son?

Infamous: Second Son all weather effects comparison in Seattle. Update 1.03 allows you to change the weather in Infamous Second Son by going to the options menu. Amazing views from sunset to the sunrise, best looking PS4 game at the moment without a doubt.

Who is stronger Cole or Delsin?

In terms of power and skill, Cole had Delsin outmatched. ... Delsin did have an advantage against Cole through his different powers, but there are only so many power sources for Delsin to drain before he's forced to fight Cole with the only power at his disposal.

Are the Akomish real?

The Akomish are a fictional Native American tribe from the small town of Salmon Bay, Washington, located a few miles outside of Seattle.

How do you get Cole's legacy?

Cole's Legacy is an expansion pack for Infamous: Second Son which was initially available only by pre-ordering the game (For US Customers), or purchasing the Special Edition (All other Countries).

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