Can you have alcohol on Nokomis Beach?

Can you have alcohol on Nokomis Beach?

Can you have alcohol on Nokomis Beach?

Can you bring alcohol in plastic cups - Nokomis Beach. Yes, there are also two snack bars that sell beer and wine.

Is Nokomis Beach nice?

Plenty of free parking, family picnic area, boardwalk, public bathroom facilities, concession stand, and nice wide beach. ... A very nice beach--not too crowded, very clean; nice soft sand.

Is Nokomis Beach good?

Nokomis Beach Offers Some of the Best Surfing on Florida's Gulf Coast! Nokomis Beach is Sarasota Counties oldest public beach and is well-liked by families and fishing enthusiasts. Though not as prevalent as on Caspersen Beach, there are shark's teeth that can be found washed up on this Casey Key, Florida beach.

Can you smoke on beaches in Puerto Rico?

Smoking in all public places is a violation of Puerto Rico Law 66. In effect, the only place that it is legal to smoke is outdoors (when it will not affect others), in hotel rooms designated as smoking rooms, in your own car when there are no children present, and in your own home. ...

Is the beach at Nokomis Public Beach free?

  • Start your review of Nokomis Public Beach. Great little beach with ample parking which is free. Lovely sand and beautiful Gulf water makes your experience here enjoyable. Nearby public restrooms and a quick serve restaurant are added bonuses. Easy to get to as well. Shhh...don't tell anyone as it's a great little secret beach.

Can you drink on the beach in Florida?

  • Although animals, fireworks, glass bottles and camping are among the prohibited items and activities, you can legally enjoy a drink along the shoreline. Florida is home to countless beautiful beaches, but booze isn't always allowed. For many, a beach day isn't complete without a cold beer or cocktail.

How to get to Nokomis Beach from Sarasota?

  • Directions: To Find Nokomis Beach from Sarasota, follow U.S. Rt. 41 south into and through Nokomis, turn right on Albee Road and follow it until you cross over the drawbridge. You'll see the parking lot areas of Nokomis Beach right in front of you. Enjoy this page?

Where is Nokomis Beach in Casey Key Florida?

  • Nokomis Beach is on the barrier island of Casey Key, Florida in Sarasota County, south of Siesta Key. It’s a quiet, laid back, residential beach retreat with lots of room to roam or stretch out. I've spent a lot of time here doing just that..relaxing and stretching out!

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