How Safe Is Bethel Alaska?

How Safe Is Bethel Alaska?

How Safe Is Bethel Alaska?

Of the 4,473 cities to report one or more incidents of violence, Bethel ranks No. 11 by violent crime rate, which ranks it in the top 10% most violent U.S. cities. Just as violent crime is more common in Bethel than it is nationwide, violent crime is also more common in Alaska than it is nationwide.

Are there bears in Bethel Alaska?

BETHEL, Alaska -- Airborne gunners from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game slaughtered 89 bears from helicopters in May along the remote Kuskokwim River as part of a "bear-control" program and, of course, some people are upset. ... Alaska has plenty of bears.

Can you drink alcohol in Bethel Alaska?

Alcohol possession will be limited. People of legal drinking age in Bethel cannot possess at any one time more than 10.5 liters of distilled spirits, 24 liters of wine or either a half keg of beer or 12 gallons of beer. ... Under Bethel's soon-ending wet status, they are misdemeanors.

Can you drink liquor in Alaska?

LEGAL DRINKING AGE The legal age to purchase, possess, control, and/or consume alcoholic beverages in the State of Alaska is 21. If you are under the age of 21, you may enter an establishment that sells and/or serves alcohol only if you are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or spouse who is at least 21 years of age.

Are there any roads in Bethel, Alaska?

  • Especially considering the fact that there are no roads leading into Bethel, there is only around 16 miles of road inside Bethel and only 10 miles of which is paved. Add in the fact that the roads are covered in sheer ice for the majority of the year, and you'll be scratching your head even more than ever.

Where to get a taxi in Bethel Alaska?

  • Kusko Cab and Quyana Cab seem to be the two biggest providers in town and they can often be found doing the 'taxi cab shuffle' outside of grocery stores and restaurants throughout town. Although there are not many who can justify having a car, you'll notice that Bethel is very popular among the boating crowd.

How many villages are there in Bethel Alaska?

  • Those that live here will say that it's an "everybody knows everybody" type of a place. Serving as the economic hub for the 56 villages in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Bethel is a wildly remote place that is over 400 miles from Alaska's largest city of Anchorage.

What are the benefits of living in Bethel Alaska?

  • Hugging the banks of the 702-mile-long Kuskokwim River is considered to be quite the lofty privilege. Access to abundant salmon and whitefish species, along with renowned fur trapping accessibility are just the tip of the alluring iceberg that comes along with living in Bethel.

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