Is it OK to spread ashes on grass?

Is it OK to spread ashes on grass?

Is it OK to spread ashes on grass?

Generally, wood ash should not kill grass, but if the application is not done correctly, it can kill the grass. Wood ash contains lots of micronutrients that are good for the soil, including lots of calcium. ... High alkalinity is not necessarily bad, but you must be very careful before spreading wood ash on your lawn.

Can you scatter human ashes anywhere?

Can you scatter ashes anywhere? The answer is yes, but there are guidelines to follow wherever you choose. The most common place for ashes to be scattered is at a family grave. But, there's no reason why you can't pick a different location of sentimental value.

Can you put human ashes in your garden?

In Summary Avoid scattering ashes near plants. Established trees and shrubs should be okay, but spread thinly to be safe. If for some reason you insist on scattering near young plants then use a soil amendment – this means waiting.

How do you spread ashes on your lawn?

Apply wood ashes with the same precision used for other lawn fertilizers. Be sure to moisten your grass first and then spread the ashes evenly over the area. Next, rake them in lightly and water thoroughly. The ash will affect pH more quickly than if you apply lime.

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