Is chocolate good for migraine?

Is chocolate good for migraine?

Is chocolate good for migraine?

When enjoyed in moderation, dark chocolate has a whole array of health benefits — some of which might even help prevent migraines in a round-about way. Several studies have found that eating cocoa-containing foods helps lower blood pressure, which is important to note since high blood pressure is linked to migraines.3 Dec 2019

Does chocolate make headache better?

While studies on the effects of cocoa, a prominent ingredient in chocolate, have previously condemned it as a trigger for headaches, new research suggests that it may actually work to prevent headaches rather than cause them.2 Oct 2009

Why does chocolate help migraines?

Caffeine, which is present in chocolate, actually gets rid of migraines when used sparingly." Dr. Halpern doesn't recommend intentionally eating lots of chocolate to prevent an attack, since that could backfire.18 Sep 2009

Which chocolate is good for migraine?

One of the main reasons dark chocolate can be used to prevent and decrease symptoms of headaches is due to its high magnesium content. Magnesium is one of the most commonly used minerals for migraine management.

Why does chocolate cause migraines?

  • Migraines can be triggered by a lot of things and chocolate contains two possible triggers - caffeine and phenylethylamine. Both of these substances cause the veins and arteries to constrict and lack of proper blood flow can cause a migraine.

Does chocolate help headaches?

  • Cocoa beans are rich sources of caffeine, which has traditionally been used to reduce fatigue, but it is also used in more modern times to alleviate certain types of headaches. Commercially made chocolate often has a high sugar content, which can be used to alleviate diabetic, or hypoglycemic, headaches.

Can eating chocolate cause headaches?

  • There are two ingredients in chocolate that can trigger migraine headaches: caffeine and phenylethylamine. These substances can constrict blood vessels, and constriction causes head pain. Some people get a headache if they eat chocolate but not when they drink caffeinated beverages.

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