Are dugongs edible?

Are dugongs edible?

Are dugongs edible?

The dugong has been hunted for thousands of years for its meat and oil. Traditional hunting still has great cultural significance in several countries in its modern range, particularly northern Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Do aboriginals eat dugong?

The traditional or subsistence hunting of dugongs and turtles plays an important social and cultural role for coastal aborigines in many parts of northern Australia and the meat provides a source of protein for these communities. BE

Are dugongs healthy?

The researchers found that people who eat more dugong and turtle have more cadmium in their urine and also worse albuminuria, a marker of kidney damage in which high levels of the protein albumin are excreted in the urine. BE

Do Torres Strait Islanders eat dugong?

Dugongs are an integral part of the traditional culture of many coastal indigenous peoples throughout the world. Dugongs may be legally hunted by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people under section 211 of the Native Title Act 1993 for personal, domestic or non commercial communal needs.

What does dugong meat taste like?

Dugong meat tastes like beef or pork. Dugong hunting for food and oil was once widespread throughout the dugong's range and still occurs in at least 31 countries.

Who eats dugong?

Adult dugongs do not have any natural predators, but juveniles may be eaten by saltwater crocodiles, killer whales, and large, coastal sharks.

How much do dugongs eat a day?

Dugongs are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. The diet is seagrass and they eat a lot of it. They can eat up to 40kg of seagrass every day.

What is the Diet of a dugong?

  • Diet and Nutrition. Dugong is an herbivorous animal, which primarily feeds upon seagrass and marine algae, complementing its diet with shellfish and sea squirts, found in seagrass , as well as various invertebrates, including polychaete worms.

How do Dugong have babies?

  • Female dugongs give birth underwater to a single calf at three to seven year period of time. The calf stays with its mother, drinking milk from her teats and closing in one or two years of age. Dugongs reach adult size between 4 and 17 years of age.

Are dugongs dangerous?

  • Luckily dugongs normally live in areas with very low boat traffic. In some places, with heavy traffic, they chose to move to a quieter area. The only dangerous areas are in Australia, near towns with many recreational boats. There, every year, some dugongs get injured and few of them even killed.

What is a prey to a dugong?

  • Some populations will resort to consuming invertebrates such as shellfish, sea squirts, worms, and jellyfish, especially those hiding along the seagrass. Dugongs float across the bottom of the water to search for grasses with their bristled snouts. Their muscular lips help them suck up large quantities of food at a time.

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