Can you eat a sick cow?

Can you eat a sick cow?

Can you eat a sick cow?

The Supreme Court recently blocked a California law that would require slaughterhouses to immediately euthanize animals too sick to walk, Reuters reported Jan. ... 23. BE

Is it better to eat a cow that died of natural causes?

  • There is no reason why it would be less cruel to eat the meat from a cow that died of old age (or "natural causes") when the causes may be what would cause illness in humans, and that old cow eventually died of a chronic illness that made her suffering more prolonged than a cap-bolt to the head.

Is it OK to eat old cow meat?

  • The meat would be better off as dog meat than even ground beef for hamburger or sausage, but even if the meat from that old cow is still a health risk even for pets, it should better be discarded in a pit than even fed to pets a large majority of North Americans consider family.

Is it safe to eat the carcass of a cow?

  • If you have constant visual and physical contact with the animal, it is possible to feed this carcass to an animal with a higher stomach acid content than we have, but it would be considered unsafe for us, will all our anti-acids that we take. Originally Answered: Are there people who eat the meat from cows who've died naturally from old age ?

Is it normal to eat animals that have died?

  • In the societies that I am aware of, it is not normal to eat animals that die of things unknown. An animal presumed to have died of natural causes, including old age, could also be due to illness that can lead to transmission of infectious disease to any unfortunate consumer.

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