Can you eat fish caught in NYC?

Can you eat fish caught in NYC?

Can you eat fish caught in NYC?

Cheap, fresh and otherwise appealing as they may seem, fish caught in the waters in and around New York City should not be eaten without a dose of worry. ... “Pregnant women, women of childbearing age, and children under 15 years old should not eat fish or eels caught in these waters,” a typical sign reads.14 May 2010

Is the Hudson River Dirty?

Yes, the Hudson River looks clean and is teeming with fish. But, the fish and the river bottom on which they depend for food and shelter are contaminated by PCBs. PCBs probably cause cancer and can cause other serious health problems. The river is not cleaning itself.

Can you eat fish from East River NYC?

Fish Advisories from the New York State Department of Health. As previously noted, a good rule of thumb is to avoid eating fish caught in the East River. The “river” is dangerously polluted with chemicals.3 Apr 2019

Is it safe to eat fish from the East River?

The State Health Department regularly publishes advisories warning that because of PCB contamination, most adults should eat fish caught from the East River no more than once a month and should avoid eels entirely. ... Fewer fried it, which would retain the fat and a higher level of PCB's.29 Jun 2003

Is there good fishing in the Hudson River?

Top Catches in the Hudson River. The upper Hudson River is freshwater through-and-through, with sparkling mountain streams and tributaries that are perfect to lazily drift down. It's also the place to cast a line for some prized fish, including Bass and Trout.18 May 2021

What happens if you eat fish from the Hudson River?

  • Health problems that may result from eating fish with PCBs range from small changes in health that are hard to detect to effects on birthweight and cancer. (Visit for more info.) Eating Hudson River fish can be a concern because fish can have many thousands times more PCBs than the surrounding water.

Is it safe to eat striped bass in the Hudson River?

  • The Hudson River around Hudson Falls has been more affected by industrial chemicals. In general, fish from the lower Hudson are less contaminated. For example, from the Federal Dam at Troy to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge at Catskill, no one is advised to eat striped bass.

Is it healthy to eat fish while fishing?

  • Fishing is fun and fish are an important part of a healthy diet. Fish contain high quality protein, essential nutrients, healthy fish oils, and are low in saturated fat.

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