Can you eat crawfish out of the Spokane River?

Can you eat crawfish out of the Spokane River?

Can you eat crawfish out of the Spokane River?

The fact that they're still common in the Spokane River and other Western streams speaks to their survival skills. Depending on the food supply, crawdads can dine as vegetarians, scavengers or cannibals.24-Jul-2008

Why is there a fish consumption advisory for fish caught from the Spokane River and associated tributaries?

In some areas of the Spokane River, fish are unsafe to eat because of bioaccumulated toxins (primarily PCBs and polybrominated diphenyl ethers, also known as PBDEs). ... The Spokane River Fish Consumption Advisory ranges from the Long Lake Dam to Idaho Border. The contaminants identified are PCBs, PBDEs, and lead.

What toxins are in the Spokane River?

Persistent bioaccumulative toxins of greatest concern are PCBs (a man-made chemical), PBDEs (a new generation of flame retardant) and dioxins/furans. Lead, arsenic, cadmium, and zinc are heavy metals released from mining operations and are also of concern.

Is Spokane River safe?

Is the Water Quality Safe for Swimming, Water Sports, and Recreating on Beaches? Yes. Between 2009 and 2013, however, there are five remaining shoreline recreational locations between the Idaho border and Upriver Dam scheduled for cleanup of lead, arsenic, and other metals.

What kind of fish are in Spokane River?

This highly controlled section of river has a mixture of trout, landlocked salmon, and warmwater fish including bass, panfish and walleye. In fact, both the Spokane Arm of Lake Roosevelt and Long Lake are among Washington's top walleye fishing spots.

Where can I find crawfish in Spokane?

Good crawdad fishing can be found in most of the rivers and lakes in north central Idaho, western Montana and Eastern Washington. The Snake River is particularly good but so is the Spokane, the Grand Ronde, parts of the Clearwater, Elk Creek Reservoir, Dworshak Reservoir and more.27-Jul-2008

Is it safe to eat fish from Lake Washington?

"We do not want people to stop eating fish from Lake Washington," said Dave McBride, a state Health Department toxicologist. "If they follow the recommendations, it's perfectly safe." The highest levels of polychlorinated biphenyls were found in larger fish, which tend to concentrate more of the suspected carcinogen.31-Aug-2004

How dirty is the Spokane River?

The final insult to the Spokane River is toxic pollution flowing from the area around Lake Coeur d'Alene. Former mining and lead smelting operations there have contaminated the river with heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, zinc, and cadmium that cause health problems, including brain and nerve damage in children.

Is the Spokane River contaminated?

East of Spokane, Washington, the ghost of decades-old industrial pollution still haunts the groundwater. ... But its groundwater, which is filled with PCBs from decades of production, makes the site a major source of contamination in the Spokane River. Today, the company is working to clean up the aquifer it once polluted.09-Jan-2019

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