Are cars allowed on Ocean Beach Fire Island?

Are cars allowed on Ocean Beach Fire Island?

Are cars allowed on Ocean Beach Fire Island?

There are no paved roads on Fire Island, and only service and emergency vehicles are allowed on the island. Free of cars, traffic, pollution, and noise, Fire Island offers a peaceful getaway, unlike any other vacation destination.12 Nov 2009

How long is the ferry ride to Fire Island?

about 20 - 30 minutes The Fire Island ferry boats are small, comfortable vessels that make the trip to Fire Island in about 20 - 30 minutes.

Is there a market in Ocean Beach Fire Island?

  • Yes, there is a market in town and one in Seaview and two in Ocean Beach, it costs more on the island, but they have everything. Do I need keys to the house?

Can you eat and drink at Ocean Bay Park?

  • Not true, you are able to eat and drink on the walks and on the beach. The land of "NO" is Ocean Beach, not Ocean Bay Park. How will I get around on the island without a car? Like everyone else does, by bicycle or walking. We provide 5 bicycles per house for your use. Are there any bars and restaurants nearby?

Can you drive a car on Fire Island?

  • You cannot drive a car onto Fire Island, although there are a small amount of cars on the island, those belong to essential service personnel and year round residents. Can I take my own boat over to your house?

Where is the ninth house on Fire Island?

  • Go South towards the Fire Island Hotel. We are house #19, which is the ninth house on your right, located at the corner of Cayuga Walk and Midway. Make a right at Midway and walk around the house, to the entrance on Midway.

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