Is Seabright safe?

Is Seabright safe?

Is Seabright safe?

The rate of crime in Sea Bright is 17.90 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Sea Bright generally consider the north part of the city to be the safest.

Do you need a pass to go to Sea Bright?

  • THE STAIRWAYS ARE PRIVATE, THE BEACH ISN'T. There is no entry fee for most of the beach in Monmouth Beach and Sea Bright. It will be apparent if you need a beach pass. I like the public Sea Bright beach, there is no lifeguard of course, which also means no supervision.

Is there free parking at Sea Bright Beach?

  • There is parking right on the beach, but it is $8 to get on if you do enter on that beach. If you pass all of the restaurants (which is very convenient btw if you want a quick bite), there is a free part of the beach, but you do have to find street parking which is very hard if you leave late. Overall, I recommend this beach.

Are there public restrooms at Sea Bright Beach?

  • The beach at this end offer private and public access. No restrooms, no concessions and no beach badges required. At the other end of Sea Bright there are municipal parking lots with metered parking, restaurants, shops, showers and restrooms. Social distancing at the beach...

Where to eat in Ocean Beach New Jersey?

  • Located inside the Ocean Beach Marina, the Channel Marker Cafe is your go-to spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, especially when you’re cruising by boat. We’re partial to their brunch menu, but there’s no reason not to make multiple stops here on a hot summer’s day! 3245 Route 35 S, Lavallette 732-793-7559

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