Can you eat on Metra train?

Can you eat on Metra train?

Can you eat on Metra train?

Metra riders are allowed to chow down on the train, said Metra spokeswoman Audrey Renteria. The LaSalle station itself is equipped with a stand selling pretzels, pop and candy. ... You could net a fine of up to $300 for eating or drinking aboard the train, according to CTA spokeswoman Robyn Ziegler.

Can you drink on the Metra train?

Alcohol is generally allowed on Metra trains, in moderation. ... During restricted times, no alcoholic beverages or glass bottles will be allowed on Metra trains. Passengers on trains found with alcohol may be removed or arrested.

Do Metra trains have bathrooms?

All Metra trains have toilets on board. Some stations have bathrooms, but most do not.

Do Metra trains have wifi?

To access the free Wi-Fi service, customers can simply select “Metra Wi-Fi Onboard” from the list of options on their smartphones, tablets or laptop computers. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions to gain access to the service.

Can you drink on the train in Illinois?

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS/WRSP) — Illinoisans are now allowed to legally drink alcohol on trains. ... The Railroad Intoxicating Liquor Act prevents people from drinking "any intoxicating liquor" or being intoxicated on any railroad, as well as in or around any railroad station or platform, in Illinois.

Can you drink alcohol on the L in Chicago?

Metra does ban alcohol during some high-volume events and festivals, including Taste of Chicago. ... Eating or drinking anything on CTA trains and buses, including alcohol, is prohibited, though the rule is widely ignored.

How fast does the Metra train go?

The highest allowable L speed anywhere on the L and subway system is 55 miles an hour. The top speed allowed for Metra trains is 79 mph.

How late does the train run in Chicago?

RED LINE Chicago 'L' Schedule RED LINE Chicago 'L' operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Where does Metra go in the Chicago area?

  • Metra is the rail agency serving Cook, DuPage, Will, Lake, Kane and McHenry counties in the Chicago area. We want you to think of us as My Metra.

How do you find out your Metra fare?

  • To determine your fare, you must know your originating station, your destination, and the type of ticket you wish to buy (One-Way, Round Trip Plus, 10-Ride, Monthly, Saturday or Sunday Day Pass or Weekend Pass).

Who is eligible for a reduced Metra ticket?

  • Senior citizens 65 or older, customers with disabilities and Medicare cardholders who have an RTA-issued Reduced Fare Permit are eligible for a reduced fare ticket. The permit must be displayed when buying and using reduced fare tickets.

What kind of trains go to Union Station?

  • The North Central Service, Milwaukee District West and Milwaukee District North line trains use the north concourse of Union Station, while the BNSF Railway, SouthWest Service and Heritage Corridor lines use the south concourse of Union Station. Click here for a map of downtown stations.

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