Is it safe to drive with anorexia?

Is it safe to drive with anorexia?

Is it safe to drive with anorexia?

Your brain is working at a lower level due to malnourishment, and therefore it is unsafe to drive, as your reflexes will be slower. The water pressure from a shower or faucet can be too extreme on your heart; therefore this extra strain can cause a heart attack.

Can you drive if you are underweight?

However, if your BMI is less than 15 then there is a strong chance that your ability to drive is compromised and for this reason we recommend that you do not drive. Above this BMI, if there are other complicating factors, we advise you check with your doctor first.

Can I have kids if I have an eating disorder?

Having an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia, can make it more difficult to conceive. Unfortunately, patients can still experience fertility issues, even after receiving treatment for an eating disorder.

What to do if someone has an eating disorder?

  • If you are a loved one of a person with an eating disorder, please encourage your loved one to get help. If you are suffering from an eating disorder and are not in treatment, please reach out to a treatment professional.

Can you drive if you have bipolar disorder?

  • Sandra does not believe that having bipolar disorder affects her ability to drive. Despite this, Sandra must tell the DVLA about her diagnosis because bipolar disorder is one of the mental health problems that the DVLA must be told about. Am I allowed to drive if I am on section 17 leave from hospital?

What are the signs of an eating disorder?

  • In addition, many people are familiar with the signs of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, but less familiar with disorders such as orthorexia (obsessive compulsion with healthy foods or diets), compulsive overeating, or compulsive exercise.

Can a person with a mental health problem drive?

  • No. The DVLA will look at each case individually. Whether or not you will be allowed to drive will depend on the effect of your mental health problem on your ability to drive. Do I have to tell the DVLA about my mental health problem?

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