What to avoid eating after piercing?

What to avoid eating after piercing?

What to avoid eating after piercing?

Don't eat spicy, salty or acidy foods or liquids while you are healing. Avoid hot drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. Eat cold foods and drinks as they lessen swelling. Be extra careful when eating crunchy foods.7 Aug 2013

Can I eat meat after ear piercing?

If you feel worried that you might end up waving hands to your favorite meals, good news! you don't have to. High protein or carb diets can, in fact, accelerate your healing rate and replenish your energy, so it is totally okay to consume these two products after ear piercing. Enjoy your chicken feast!26 Jan 2021

Can I take a shower after getting my ears pierced?

-Showering: Shower like you normally do, then the last thing you will do is clean your piercing. Lather up some mild non-antibacterial soap in your clean hands and gently wash your piercing. ... Then rinse with distilled water or shower, as mentioned above, to get rid of any salt crystals that might form when dry.

How can I speed up the healing process of my ear piercing?

Make sure your bedding, eyewear, and anything else that may contact your new piercing is clean. Clean your piercing consistently. Consider taking a multivitamin. Multivitamins containing Zinc and Vitamin C can boost your body's healing abilities.

Is it OK to avoid contact with ear piercings?

  • For smaller piercings, it's easier to avoid direct contact with such things. However, for bigger ones, like cartilage piercings, or even surface piercings on other parts of your body besides your ears, it can get very tricky to avoid situations in which trauma will be caused to it.

Do you need headphones for a ear piercing?

  • I use "over-the-ear" headphones, which means that they rest on my ears, as opposed to the earbuds that go into your ears. I would advise that, if you have headphones like mine, you should invest in a cheap $10 pair of earbuds until your piercing heals. Otherwise, this can also cause trauma to the wound.

What foods should I eat after getting a tattoo?

  • To speed the healing process of the skin, you should consume foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, such as omega-3. Among the most antioxidant foods are tomatoes, red fruits, citrus fruits like orange, and herbs such as garlic, onion and saffron.

What should you not do with a new piercing?

  • One very basic thing that you don't want to do with your new piercing, especially an industrial, is to play with it excessively. I know that when I get nervous, or am just bored, I'll often try to play with it. But, all this will do is add trauma to the wound.

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