Can you get sick from eating someone's poop?

Can you get sick from eating someone's poop?

Can you get sick from eating someone's poop?

While eating poop shouldn't usually cause severe symptoms, there are some instances when immediate medical attention is needed. See a doctor if you or a loved one experience these symptoms after ingesting feces: dehydration. bloody diarrhea or blood in stool.

What happens if you eat any kind of poop?

  • Sometimes you may accidentally ingest poop , such as eating contaminated foods. This will cause symptoms that are similar to those of food poisoning. Time and drinking plenty of fluids can usually help reduce most symptoms associated with accidental poop ingestion.

Can a person eat their own poop?

  • Like drinking your own pee, eating your own poop is perfectly safe. Unlike pee , your poo isn't sterile, it's full of bacteria. But the bacteria is all your own stuff. It lives inside your intestines and helps you digest your food. If you eat some of your own poo that is reasonably fresh,...

Do humans eat their own poop?

  • For some unknown reason, humans don’t often eat their own poop. Many creatures do though: they must do, because there’s a name for it: coprophagy. Many herbivores eat their poo because they could miss out on some scarce nutritional elements if they don’t recycle.

Is eating poop really dangerous?

  • THE VERDICT: Assuming you are a healthy person, eating your own poop would probably not harm you. Eating someone else's poop could make you sick if they were unhealthy, but eating poop from the right person could cure your diarrheal disease. But generally speaking, Max Read should stick to eating real food.

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