What can cause mono to flare up?

What can cause mono to flare up?

What can cause mono to flare up?

What causes mono flare ups? Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) causes mono infections and remains in your body for your whole life. EBV is actually a member of the herpes virus family — EBV is also called human herpesvirus 4.

How long do you feel sick with mono?

If you get sick with mono, it will probably happen four to six weeks after you come in contact with EBV. These symptoms may last for four weeks or longer: Enlarged spleen or liver. Extreme fatigue.03-Aug-2020

Do you have to eat when you have mono?

  • Luckily for us, even when we’re sick, we have to eat. And with mono, besides sleeping, it’s pretty much all that you can do. There are certain foods that will help strengthen your immune system and improve your symptoms when you have mono. So, even though you’re feeling like a complete zombie, you shouldn’t be eating that way.

How does mono spread from person to person?

  • A mono infection is caused by a virus which is known as Epstein-Barr virus. This virus can spread through saliva and other fluids in the body like semen. It can also spread by sharing utensils with the affected person and through sneeze or cough. What Should I Eat And Avoid With Mono?

What should I do if I have mono in my throat?

  • Do salt water gargles several times a day. This remedy can give you relief from the pain and it will help in reducing the inflammation too. Ask your doctor to prescribe you a painkiller, in case the throat is too sore.

Is it possible to get mono in college?

  • Every college student’s worst nightmare, but a very possible fate. Sharing drinks, kissing and strained immune systems are things most college kids are all too familiar with, putting them at high risk for receiving the dreaded diagnosis. So, you have mono.

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